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The Solstice Graphene Guide grit meets lab smarts A Baselayer with Range Stand Out

This is the best baselayer we’ve ever built.

We’ve put a totally ridiculous amount of focus into our Solstice baselayer over the years. Finally, we’ve arrived at what we think is the perfect version. Through a combination of intense guide use and cutting-edge material science, the new Solstice Graphene satisfies every requirement we have.

Men’s Solstice Graphene

Women’s Solstice Graphene

Our guides demand that a baselayer feels great, wicks sweat, protects you from the sun, and doesn’t stink to high heaven after wearing it for a couple of days. Most importantly, it needs to be comfortable through a huge range of temps and conditions: from muggy trail heads, to frigid summits.

Nanotechnology at altitude

“Sounds cool, but also kinda sounds like technobabble,” said our founder Peter Whittaker. Turns out he was right on both accounts.

Graphene has been around for awhile, but it’s never been used in a garment like this before. It’s a nanomaterial with a ton of impressive characteristics like super-advanced heat transfer, but importantly for us, it’s antimicrobial, which means your Solstice Graphene won’t stink so badly after wearing it for a few days straight on a glacier.

Men’s Solstice Graphene

Women’s Solstice Graphene

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