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Whittaker Mountaineering

Whittaker Mountaineering

Whittaker Mountaineering, located at Rainier BaseCamp just 6 miles outside of Mt. Rainier National Park, is the flagship retailer of Bight Gear. Peter founded the store in 1998 to simplify outfitting and identify the best mountain products for his clients. Today, Whittaker Mountaineering utilizes the vast knowledge and experience of the RMI Guide team to select top gear for their rental, demo, and retail store.


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Guide Pick™

RMI Guides work and play on the world’s highest mountains where their gear is exposed to the most extreme conditions – over 10,000 days of combined use annually. Leveraging the collective knowledge of the RMI Guide Team, they select and direct you to top mountain gear. Guide Pick™ is outfitting simplified.

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